Diamond O Marina

Recently, we purchased an old cannery named "Diamond O Cannery", hence the name of our Marina.  This property has approximately 47-Acres of land that includes the waterfront rights located in South Naknek, Alaska.  Currently most vessels are stored across the river in Naknek and the rest are either barged or driven south to Cold Bay, Dutch Harbor or Seattle.  Space in Naknek has been utilized almost to a maximum, thus making our location an ideal alternative for owners wishing to keep their vessels in the heart of Bristol Bay.

ADESCO has air bags, equipment and developed land readily available to pull vessels up in 2018.  We are also have an 18-room bunkhouse on the property allowing a place to stay with warm showers and laundry facilities for crews that come in to work on vessels.  By summer of 2018 we hope to add a seasonal grocery store as a convenience to our customers as well as the local residents.

Please check back often and watch us grow as we continue expanding Diamond O Marina!